3 Months Maintenance Package

3 Months Maintenance Package


Maintain Your Results... 

Finished your package, but miss being able to email me about any nutrition question you have?  In withdrawal of our regular check-ins to keep you accountable to your awesome new lifestyle? My maintenance package is just for you!  Let me connect with you on a regular basis to see how you are doing, answer your questions, and help you trouble-shoot any issues that come up! (4 Sessions over the course of 3 months, plus my full support along the way).


What you get with this package...

Over the course of 3 months: 

  • 4 Coaching Sessions (60 minutes long) over Skype/Facetime, approximately 1 every 3 weeks, discussing topics specific to YOUR health, or any topics you have questions about;
  • Unlimited email communication over 3 months continued;
  • Answers and explanations to all your questions during our sessions - based on the latest research;
  • Unlimited access to my favourite recipes and all the meal plans i have created; and
  • My full support for 3 months, continued.

Topics are based on whatever you need to talk about or would like more research based information on. :D

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Additional Information:

Not sure you are interested in 1:1 coaching? 

Check out other ways I can support your health journey:
* Online Courses:
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* Meal Plan E-book:    [coming soon]
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Return Policy:

I always stand behind my products and my counseling. If you adopt the lifestyle that is laid out in my coaching and my courses, you will see results.  If you are upset with any of the results you get or with my services, I will be happy to give you a complete refund, provided you have put in the effort to make the recommended changes to your life that we have discussed. 


I am required by law to inform you that what I teach is different than conventional wisdom. So here it is: 

o What I teach is different than conventional wisdom, including what Health Canada and the Canada’s Food Guide teach. 

Please consult with your doctor or health professional before starting a new dietary approach or physical activity plan, to ensure that this is right for you.  If you actually follow what I teach, my coaching and courses WILL bring changes to your blood work, hormones, overall health and quality of life.