The information provided on this website is targeted towards the general population. This means that it is not intended to replace personalized care from your doctor or health practitioner. As each person is unique and requires individualized care, ALWAYS consult your doctor or healthcare practitioner before making any changes to your diet or lifestyle. Making any lifestyle changes discussed on this website could have serious effects on medications, blood sugars, blood pressure, and lab results.

Additionally, Eliana Witchell, MSc, RD teaches up-to-date, evidence-based nutrition. As a result, there may be times where this contradicts conventional wisdom (especially in the event that conventional wisdom is outdated).  Where her teachings differ from conventional wisdom, she will link information to original studies and evidence for you to see and decide for yourself.  Please have a look at her literature review page for research study summaries (coming soon, as I build it!).

It is always Eliana's intent to provide explanations as to why she suggests certain approaches and to provide you with information as well as options to make your own educated decisions or to make decisions together with her. It is never Eliana's intent to tell you what to do. There are no circumstances where you should ever feel like you must follow Eliana's advice - the choice is always yours.

Please be aware that when purchasing a coaching package, you are always able to choose to not accept a recommendation Eliana may make; and it is always Eliana's intent to make you feel comfortable to discuss any of your thoughts with her.

Please be aware that Eliana's courses are meant for the general population, with the exception being the "Stay off your medications" course, which is intended for people with pre-diabetes, diabetes (but not on insulin), and high cholesterol.  If you suffer from other health conditions, the recommendations in these courses may be different than the recommendations of your doctor, dietitian, or other healthcare practitioner.  Please ALWAYS consult your healthcare practitioner before implementing any changes you read about on this website.

Once again, thank you for allowing Eliana to be part of your health journey.  She is humbled to be a part of your lives. 

Most sincerely, Eliana