About Me


Welcome to Eat ;Different RD. 

I’m Eliana.  I’m a Registered Dietitian with a Master of Science.  A passionate one.  A knowledgeable one.

The knowledge comes from my years of training, plus years of unlearning, as well asking the question:

What if...
"What if there is more to diet and health than meets the eye?" 
"What if dietary recommendations are not all they seem to be?"  

My passion and curiosity...

interestingly, started when I felt uncomfortable teaching my patients certain diets just because I was told to. Even if there was no evidence behind them. You see, these diets do not make sense to me; and in my clinical experience, my patients were not getting healthier from following these recommendations.

As I started to question different recommendations, I sadly learned about many behind-the-scenes influences on government health recommendations and even NGO recommendations from both the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Some might see my curiosity and questioning as rebellious, but I believe it is a requirement in today's society for holistic health.

And dont you appreciate being able to make an educated decision on what you choose to eat?

I want to see my loved ones get better...

and be in good health.  I want my patients to get stronger, not weaker.

So it is time for me to share what I have discovered. And the best way to do that is to create an authentic and holistic nutritional approach for those who are ready to step it up in their lives.

I created Eat ;Different RD to help health-conscious, educated individuals like yourself - with all that I have.

By working with me... 

you get a genuinely educated coach who studies, tests and practices the best nutritional advice that exists - and tests it on herself and her family first!

My clients get outstanding and long-lasting results when they stick with me. The way we get there is by me guiding you through a tailor-made lifestyle and dietary approach designed for your specific lifestyle, condition, and life.

You succeed by doing the work with me.  The result is the healthiest version of you.  You become energetic, full of life, food educated, and possibly slimmer.


Media Appearances:

1. Podcast: Low Carb Conversations with Jimmy Moore, Dietitian Cassie, and friends.  Episode 107. Click here to check it out!