Success Stories

“A huge thank you to you Eliana! Just got my latest results after four months of working with you. Great and wonderful results! Even my doctor wondered and asked me to keep doing whatever I have been doing. My cholesterol level dropped from 7.5 to 5.3 in just four months, and I had lost 15 lb. Needless to say, I am so grateful to you Eliana. Thank you!” 
- H.M., Waterloo, Ontario 

"Hi Eliana, Just an update! You will be proud of me, or should I say you need to be proud of you because you helped me regain my health as well as my figure. I'm now down to 153-155 lbs down from 177-179 lbs. My doctor ran all kinds of tests on me and was really surprised... Thank you again for your advice and your guidance." - H.M., Waterloo, Ontario (after 1 year of working with Eliana)

"Hi Eliana, Everything is great. We did use some of your suggestions and it led me down a path which I find that I can maintain. And we are seeing results. The main changes I made from you were: (1) watching the carbs- on a big scale... We really cut down on bread and increased veggies etc as a source of the carbs as you suggested. (2) I'm less worried about fat - mostly focused on sugar and carbs now in labels. This as very liberating. (3) I tried to increase protein sources for fullness. Also, as an aside we added some strong probiotics which really help digestion and actually assisted with weight loss for me interestingly. We are in great shape- and have a much better eating lifestyle now. And we are just maintaining now. Thanks again, and we continue to highly recommend you." 
  - C.J., Toronto, Ontario.



"Eliana took the time to offer me a full 2 hour consultation. She is a very good listener and took care to uncover the details of my situation. She's also extremely honest - there's no hard sell here at all, just value, value and more value - as she freely admitted at the end of our session that she that her coaching wouldn't be right for me. This, to me, is invaluable, as it demonstrates unequivocally that she's not just in this for the money. She actually cares. Very pleasant, knowledgeable and I'd have no hesitation recommending her." - James, London, UK.