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How do you eat out on the ketogenic diet?

When eating out on the ketogenic diet, take a deep breath and realize that there will be things on the menu you ACTUALLY CAN have!  It just take a bit more time and patience, and also restraint on any cravings that may kick in (like when you see french fries or nachos or pasta on the menu!).

First, let's review the ketogenic diet... So the ketogenic diet is a low carb, moderate proteins, high healthy fat diet.  So that means: 

  • low carb = non-starchy vegetables!  Pick a salad, roasted vegetables, stir fry, sautéed… all are in! (note: the oil for sautéing or stir frying will likely be a vegetable oil high in omega 6’s).
  • moderate protein = your choice of protein! chicken, fish, meat, tofu, eggs, bacon, cheese, etc. 
  • high fat = add extra olive oil, cheese, butter, mayonnaise, caesar/ranch/blue cheese/tzatziki dip or dressing, olives, avocado/guacamole, etc. 

What are keto meals you could order while eating out?:

  1. Cobb salad (salad with chicken, eggs, and bacon bits) with extra mayonnaise, extra avocado, extra balsamic vinegar/olive oil, extra cheese).
  2. Large salad with extra dressing (check that there is no sugar in the dressing! - when all fails ask for olive oil and lemon or balsamic vinegar!), with choice of protein, and a fat for dipping. examples might be: taco salad (without chips), caesar salad, greek salad, etc. Just watch out for extra carbs added such as: cranberries, raisins, fruit.  IF you are very insulin resistant and have very low carb tolerance, watch out for the nuts and seeds that may be added as well.
  3. Steak/fish/chicken/pork chops/ribs with roasted vegetables (ask to substitute the potatoes for either a salad or high fat dip (maybe spinach dip), as well as extra fat for both the protein (maybe butter or oil, or a mayo, or sour cream or extra cream sauce, etc) and the vegetables (maybe guacamole or sour cream or butter/oil).
  4. Antipasto dish of olives, cold cuts, cheese, etc.  As them to hold any bread or grains that come with this dish. 
  5. Stir fry with protein.  As for no grain (pasta or rice) and extra vegetables instead. Again, ask for extra fat of some kind.

What keto desserts can you order out?

The reality is the dessert will be a tough one to order in most restaurants.  you could ask if they have whip cream and berries, but likely they will just have the carb-rich, insulin-spiking typical players: cake, pie, cupcakes, cookies, etc.  I’d recommend a nice tea or coffee with 35% MF cream if they have that high (or bring your own coconut oil/frother if you can’t do dairy…. yup, i’m one of those customers!), and then eat dessert at home. :)

Also, if you know ahead of time which restaurant you are headed to, a number of gain restaurants have their menus and ingredient/nutrition panel online. This gives you a sense of how much sugar is hiding in that food. :) 

Hope that helps!

As always, if you have any questions, please send me an email at eliana@eatdifferentrd.com!

Best of health, Eliana

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